Azzaro: interview with Mathilde Castello Branco
Azzaro: interview with Mathilde Castello Branco
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For me, the ideal woman is the woman of today, the one we embody. We have a job, maybe a husband or children, a house, we run all the time, but we must not lose our femininity. I don't have to look like a man to prove I'm free and strong. I think strength comes from within and is represented by the ability to do all of these things in one day. Each day is made up of many days. And fashion must meet the women who live this reality. I want to bring a casual touch to Azzaro too, but of course a casual chic touch: for example I can wear a jersey and lamé dress to go to work, and then, with the same dress, run with a cocktail by adding shoes with heels. tall and elegant jewelry and feel comfortable. Today's women are faced with many different situations in a single day and fashion must always ensure their beauty and practicality.

You are here in Milan to present the Azzaro Resort 2013 collection. Can you describe it to us?The Resort starts from an image very dear to me. It is from 1975, it is the advertising campaign for a perfume: the perfume of Mr. Azzaro. I saw it and, really, I thought, this is a real bathroom of surrealism! There is a nun who holds the perfume in her hand and has a veil of lipstick on her lips and Mr Azzaro is looking at her. It almost seems to be in a painting by Magritte. There is a lot of poetry and a lot of waiting. I immediately thought that I had to do absolutely something starting from here and our lookbook is also inspired by this image. From this starting point we moved on to the idea of ​​the cocktail, because the cocktail is the moment between day and evening. It's four or five in the afternoon and you've decided to have guests at home. This house could be a white house like Mr. Azzaro's in Tunisia. And there could be a swimming pool. And what do you do when you have guests? You start serving cocktails and by cocktails I mean glasses, transparencies, freshness, ice cubes, colors like curacao blue or the bright red of a cherry in vodka. All these colors, these shades can be found in the clothes of the collection.

You have launched the Azzaro blog. Do you browse the Internet?Yes, I use the Internet a lot, at first my colleagues helped me a lot because I didn't have a lot of experience and I'm not very technological, but we know it's a way of telling reality. So we decided to use it to convey my emotions, not just to show photos but to describe what happens behind the scenes, how we work, how we create a photo shoot, what inspiration leads me to create a new collection and it's a way to sharing all these things with people who use the internet.

Some very brief questions:

Clutch or tote bag? Clutch Long dress or miniskirt? Both of them France or Brazil? Both of them Baguette or spaghetti?Spaghetti, for sure!

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