Models: interview with Andrea Preti
Models: interview with Andrea Preti
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of Milan is inextricably linked to one of the brands that made him famous and with which he continues to collaborate. Style Dolce & Gabbana it is in his strings, viscerally linked to being Italian and to the attachment to the family, like that of Andrea with his mother.

With an expansive character, he has a strong predisposition for the classic-casual style from which he starts to shape his staff which, thanks to his travels between the US and Europe, makes him unique, thus binding to different contaminations. From New York always repatriates for the Milanese and Parisian fashion weeks where most of the brands are now fighting for it. Today he is here with us of

What is your opinion of Italian fashion?I believe that Italian fashion is among the most elegant of all. The colors, the fabrics and above all the attention to detail give the Italian product great excellence. I am proud to have been born in this country where, in my opinion, even the new emerging designers are a strength. All this makes me very proud to be Italian.

How would you describe your personal style?I have a very Italian style although I like to vary. I am always very casual and I believe that the element that can never be missing in my wardrobe or in my suitcases is the jacket, the undisputed symbol of classicism and elegance.

In which brand do you see yourself most and why?I like brands that reflect the right balance between elegant and casual. D&G, Marc Jacobs And Balmain I think they fall perfectly into this category, their taste is very similar to mine. I like to mix them with each other and that's how I feel really comfortable.

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