London 2012: the Union Jack trend thanks to the city of summer
London 2012: the Union Jack trend thanks to the city of summer
0 UnionJack 1260×840
For the Olympics in London the trend is the Union Jack!
1 UnionJack 1260×840
Alice by Temperley jumpsuit
2 UnionJack 1260×840
Lulu Guiness clutch bag
3 UnionJack 1260×840
Clutch bag Judith Lieber
4 UnionJack 1260×840
Barbour bag
5 UnionJack 1260×840
Paul Smith twins
6 UnionJack 1260×840
Postcards for greetings
7 UnionJack 1260×840
Shoe bag
8 UnionJack 1260×840
Union Jack pendant by Garrand
9 UnionJack 1260×840
Alexander McQueen clutch
10 UnionJack 1260×840
Garrard ring
11 UnionJack 1260×840
Garrard wing ring
12 UnionJack 1260×840
God Save McQueen Scarf by Alexander McQueen
15 UnionJack 1260×840
Jimmy Choo clutch bag
16 UnionJack 1260×840
Pull Markus Lupfer
13 UnionJack 1260×840
Charlotte Olympia rigid clutch
14 UnionJack 1260×840
Hunter boots

The Olympics will start in a month but the British flag is already the most requested accessory

The Olympics will only start in a month, but fashion fans already have some trendy accessories to play with, as there is a riot of Union Jack themed products in stores and on the web. The English flag looks like the only patriotic symbol currently in fashion. And as a result it has conquered British designers such as Alice Temperley, Alexander McQueen and Markus Lupfer. two bright wings decorated with the Union Jack sold at the Parisian store Montaigne Market. Garrard has been the Crown's official London jewelery since 1721 and has a long history of serving the British monarchy.

There are not only the Olympics: 2012 is also the year of the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, which took place a couple of weeks ago. Our motto therefore can only be wear British this summer, let's dress English and let's go as far as our rain boots (strictly Hunter) with printed flag will take us. For a lighter and more versatile white, red and blue look, the patriotic choice must be a bag. The options are plentiful. Lulu Guiness flies the British flag with her oversized lip-shaped clutch; Charlotte Olympia slipped the flag into her famous Plexiglas Pandora, and Jimmy Choo followed the punk-chic route with her Candy Union Jack.

By Alexander McQueen the classic minaudiere has been reissued in a limited edition with a silver-colored skull clasp - available exclusively from Montaigne Market and in only 25 pieces, so don't waste your time if you want it!

And for those wishing to wear the three-color flag, Alice Temperley thought of a jumpsuit dress and Markus Lupfer designed a bag with Union Jack on a pullover, alluring but not cloying. For a more subtle nod to this year's celebrations, there are Paul Smith's Mini Union Jack cufflinks or a shoe bag in the colors of the flag, perfect gifts, to be delivered with a Jubilee-themed birthday card 2012; all available from Liberty London.

The Union Jack is a great expression of unity in diversity. Considering the tools we have at hand or just a click away, this summer the winning choice is to support London, the Olympics, the Queen and fashion.

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