Cesare Morisco: a blogger on the hunt for new trends
Cesare Morisco: a blogger on the hunt for new trends
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, a revisited "recipe" inspired by one of the dishes of southern culture. A high-level format that leads its followers to a segment of current reality strongly linked to the fashion system.

Cesare carries out a valid research linked to the male world in which he finds a fresh, current style in line with seasonal trends. The brands are supported not only through the media channel of which he himself is the creator but also through the creation of collaborative links between different realities, all starting from the city of Milan where he lives in direct contact with the strongest influences of the fashion world..

Its selection is thus heterogeneous, addressing all categories, from the classic sartorial product such as SCIAMAT, to the young shirts by LC 23. The accessories and materials used, innovative and creative, are also targeted and become selection elements. From the hand-washed and hand-woven suede used for the packaging of the captivating sneakers RI SHOES to the recycled fabric of the sails of the boats with which the sports bags of MASQUEMAS.

All these brands of Apulian origin have in common the positive outcome they achieved during the latest collections and the love for their land.

It cannot be said that Cesare does not have a critical-creative eye and thanks to his taste we are able to discover interesting and lively new items, all inextricably linked to "Made in Italy".

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