Vest: the ten things you need to know
Vest: the ten things you need to know
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for s / s 2012 it blends the rigidity of the lines of the vest with the gracefulness of the waves that make it flared, giving shape to a garment with a strong but refined character, to be worn instead of the jacket. Still in the same collection, Yves Saint Laurent proposes the essential gilet, thanks to the strong lines and the buttoning hidden by a flap; almost as if to mention the sobriety of the jacket. Also Givenchy seems to be of the same opinion: the essential lines and the length, together with the silk lapels, constitute the figure of a sophisticated woman. Giorgio Armani for Emporio, in the f / w 2013 collection, does not renounce the elegance that has always distinguished it and creates vests that highlight the shapes of the bust and décolleté, with glittery lapels, managing to find the right symbiosis between feminine and masculine. Chanel, in the s / s 2012 collection, introduces the classic gilet in the tone of powder pink, worn under an open maxi cardigan, combined with shorts.

8) The boyfriend style vest: in Me and Annie, a well-known Woody Allen film, Diane Keaton dresses perfectly i shoes of the boyfriend style: vest, shirt, tie and trousers. Madonna, in those years, laid the foundations for the androgynous look, the mood consisting of vest, extra-large white shirt and trousers, soon conquered the fashion system. Peter Lindbergh, a fashion photographer, marked the nineties by immortalizing show women in pinstripe vests, men's shirts and ties. Today many designers are inspired by the stylistic elements that characterized that period: Commuun, the duo of Japanese designers, for the s / s 2012 catwalk, superimposes the vest on the tank top, in shades of white and black, in line with the taste architectural typical of their land. Damir Doma uses raw fabrics such as jute and linen to create the right mix between jacket and vest, giving the female figure angular lines typical of the boyfriend style. Chloè, for this season, proposes it long and white, combined with a white shirt and Bermuda shorts; Hermès, for f / w 2013, creates leather gilet with fur applied, worn over the black leather-effect shirt and oversized trousers with fringed hem.

9) The gilet with a dark soul: The architectural rigidity of the classic vest is exasperated by designers such as Gareth Pugh and Alexander Wang, which look for the dark soul of this garment in the lines and fabrics. The first uses materials with a second skin effect, in opaque black, almost as if to trace the rib cage; the second, always in total black, applies the leather vest over a sleeveless jacket of different lengths and more sinuous lines that rest on the hips. Ilaria Nistri, for s / s 2012, inserts the knitted vest with a wide "V" neckline, in a gothic atmosphere, while giving a soft shape to the female silhouette; Ann Demeulemeester, this season dresses her woman only in men's clothes and mixes the rigor of the waistcoat with the gracefulness of muslin, which rests delicately on the naked body. A dark soul also for the vest worn by Lady Gaga in “The edge of glory”: black leather, studded, with leather straps that mark the back and neckline that delineates the décolleté.

10) The denim vest: together with the biker jacket, the stylistic bulwark of English rock stars, like Paul Simonon of the Clash, is the denim vest; today much loved by celebrities. The old-school flavor is adapted to grunge and hippy looks, like those of Ashley Tisdale and Jessica Alba. Among the denim lovers, the brothers of Dsquared2 could not miss, which for the s / s 2012 collection propose the rocking atmospheres of the Glanstonsbury festival: woman in costume, male-style shirt rolled up at the waist and denim vest covered with fur. The denim vest, due to its origins, has a strong charge of rebellion and provocation, which also the pop star Rihanna likes so much. In We found love, in fact, she wears one with the American flag printed, and with a swimsuit underneath and cut-off denim shorts.

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