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Ladies and gentleman, we are proud to present you the Manifesto of Preview Preview

We've been keeping the secret for far too long, and now we're so eager to reveal it that we're about to burst out of our dresses and jump out of our glittery booties. Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present you the Manifesto of

Our It Manifesto includes ten principles that define the spirit of

In view of our official launch event which will take place on Sunday 25th September, we are happy to finally be able to share it with you. In addition to presenting them here and at the launch, we invited members of our international family of collaborators to create original content that interprets the ten principles. Contributors include Eleonora Carisi from Jou Jou Villeroy, Kelly Framel from The Glamourai, Nam from Street FSN, Oroma Elewa from Pop Africana, Maya Villiger from Turned Out and Justin Saunders from JJJJound. new principles every day.

And now here is our It Manifesto, defined point by point.

"IT" plays with two different but connected concepts: IT, the official abbreviation of Italy, and IT, the "must have" object that we all aspire to obtain. We love the Italian tradition and we want to share everything "IT" with you. We are passionate about fashion as well as culture, and we aim to introduce you to all those things that embody the "IT factor". (Watch "IT" played by Eleonora Carisi)

"GRACEFUL" (graceful / graceful, naturally elegant) Inspired by Grazia, the name of the magazine, with this word wants to express a delightful version of fashion and feminine beauty. (Watch "Graceful" starring Kelly Framel)

"WE ARE FAMILY" (we are a family) is proud to collaborate with an Italian and international family of bloggers, contributors and professionals in the sector. (Watch the video of "We Are Family")

"FROM RUNWAY TO REALITY" (from catwalks to reality) represents fashion with personality. The muse of happily combines vintage, high street and luxury brands. (See the trends of the season from runways to reality)

"WOW"Here at we love daydreaming, using our imagination and getting lost in daydreams. These are the seeds of creativity, and we use them to create content that wants you to say "WOW". (See what "WOW" is for our contributors)

"CONTEMPORARY" (contemporary) The point of view of is contemporary. We recognize the past, enjoy the present and welcome the future. And we do all this with irony.

"LIFESTYLE" (lifestyle) embraces Italian culture in all its richness and brings it to the global community with a contemporary edge. (See what "Lifestyle" is for Simone Sbarbati)

"INNOVATION" (innovation) embodies the union between technology, fashion and art. (See what "Innovation" is for Maya Villiger)

"IT EXPERIENCE" offers a warm, personal and fun digital experience. (See what "It Experience" is for Justin Saunders)

"GENERATE" (generate) offers a platform for innovative creations in fashion and culture and a new way of communicating digitally. (See what "Generate" means to Thomas Ye)

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