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Harry and Meghan wanted to move to Los Angeles right after their wedding
Harry and Meghan wanted to move to Los Angeles right after their wedding

According to new rumors, Harry and Meghan's plan has always been to move to Los Angeles: here's how it was supposed to go

Prince Harry and Meghan had planning to move to Los Angeles shortly after their weddingdespite the lengthy and expensive renovations at Frogmore Cottage.

The news was revealed by a source close to the couple in the Sunday Times magazine, which specified that Harry and Meghan were ready to move to California right away.

"Canada has never been considered as a future home - explained the source - The big plan, at least for Meghan, has always been to move to Los Angeles ".

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Harry and Meghan were already looking for a house in Los Angeles

The source allegedly told the Sunday Times that already in April 2018 Harry and Meghan were talking about leaving London.

"More and more friends were worried about them getting on a plane, going to live in Los Angeles and never coming back."

Then came the news of Meghan's pregnancy, and then the couple moved to Frogmore Cottage, where nearly three million euros were spent on renovations of various kinds.

At the same time, however, a source reported to an American tabloid: "They had been looking for more than six months for a place in Los Angeles that they really liked."

Many have wondered how much Harry and Meghan's decision to move overseas was influenced by pressure from the British press, but now it seems that the Sussexes have always wanted to leave the UK to go abroad.

"In fact, they've always wanted a second home in Los Angeles, everything has always been in their plans. "

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