Chanel: the Haute Couture 2020 2021 collection presented digitally
Chanel: the Haute Couture 2020 2021 collection presented digitally

A rich, eccentric and precious collection, dedicated to the “modern punk princesses”.

Paris, 12 noon, on a day in early July Chanel opened the doors of his atelier and with an unreleased video, directed by Mikael Jansson and published on his official website and on his social media, he unveiled the new Haute Couture collection for Autumn-Winter 2020-2021.

After virtual launch of the Cruise Collection, the Maison did not allow itself to be stopped by the Covid emergency and decided to present online also the new Haute Couture collection which, unlike the previous one, so simple and austere, is instead distinguished by its elegant and sumptuous garments.

Refinement and opulence are in fact the watchwords of the new collection by Virginie Viard who with his rich and sumptuous creations wanted to pay homage to Karl Lagerfeld.

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The collection is in fact inspired by those women with an eccentric and sophisticated style that Karl would certainly have appreciated. "I was thinking of a punk princess who comes out of Le Palace in a taffeta dress, big hair, feathers and lots of jewels," admitted the creative director of the Maison.

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The clothes in the collection are reminiscent of those of the heroines and noblewomen portrayed in 19th century paintings. You pass by mini dress with corolla skirt to those long with wide sleeves.

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The predominant colors are the black and the anthracite gray but there is no lack of brushstrokes of pink and silver that illuminate the looks.

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Always present the tweed, iconic fabric of the Maison, which returns cyclically in all Chanel collections and which this time is even more precious and enriched with rhinestones, sequins, stones and beads.

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Among the key pieces of the Haute Couture collection for Autumn-Winter 2020-2021, the iconic ones bolero jackets and the jackets gathered at the waist, combined in a rock way, with black suede ankle boots.

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But there is also a touch of romance. “For me, Haute Couture is romantic in its very essence. "said Virginie Viard. And that's how valuable it is embroidery And applications and floral they peek out on the cuffs of the velvet dress or on the sleeves of the blue maxi dress.


The Haute Couture collection is embellished with makeup created by Lucia Pica: "It is a Romantic Punk look with a sophisticated twist, which focuses on very strong and intense lips, in the red-brown shade, and on the elongated eyeliner., while the complexion remains transparent and luminous ".

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To recreate the beauty look, here are the key Chanel products:

Rouge Coco N ° 494 Attraction (Fall / Winter 2020 Collection)


Le Liner de Chanel N ° 512 Noir Profond


Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint


Essentielle palette


Baume Essentiel Rosée (Fall-Winter 2020 Collection)


But here is the video with which Chanel unveiled the new Haute Couture collection to the public.

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