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Why do we always pack too many things in the suitcase? There is a psychological reason
Why do we always pack too many things in the suitcase? There is a psychological reason

Do you carry the entire wardrobe with you every time you go on a trip? There are psychological reasons why you fill your suitcase (too much). Here are which ones

The time has come to pack and like every time the game of what to bring and what to leave at home ends up with an irrational result.

On the other hand, everything can be useful and even if we haven't worn those jeans since February, put that then I want to wear them while I'm on vacation?

Do you find yourself there? Well: there is a psychological reason very precise that we always end up with bring too many things on vacation.

Gossip girl vestito festa
Gossip girl vestito festa

Filling the suitcase calms anxiety

The gigantic suitcases are of no use, indeed.

They take up space, we struggle to drag them and we put half of the things we carry.

However the more things we have with us, the more peaceful we are.

Carrying everything you can become a way to calm that anxiety of being away from home.

In fact, the more things I wear, the more I will feel the familiarity of mine comfort zone.

Isla Fisher valigie
Isla Fisher valigie

You feel more self-confident

Do I wear the black or the blue dress?

For the indecisive eternal it would be too complicated to make a decision, they would constantly find excuses to appeal to and in the end they would not come to a conclusion.

So they end up packing both clothes

And so for the shoes, for the beauty case, for the costumes.

Be more confident, on vacation you won't even remember that dress or those shoes.

Reese Witherspoon viaggio
Reese Witherspoon viaggio

The suitcase we carry represents the mood with which we start

The suitcase is also a symbol of how are you posing compared to that trip.

How do you live this departure? With that heaviness made up of uncertainties and fears or with the lightness typical of a holiday?

Look at your suitcases and you will understand which mood you are starting with

Remember that once you arrive and anxiety subsides, you may feel better.

And at that point you will think: But why did I bring all this stuff ?? !!

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