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Bar Refaeli and his mother sentenced to prison and social work for evasion
Bar Refaeli and his mother sentenced to prison and social work for evasion

Bar Refaeli and his mother convicted by the Israeli court for tax evasion: they will have to pay 1.3 million euros in fines plus back taxes

The Israeli court sentenced Bar Refaeli to nine months of community service for tax evasion and his mother Zipi Refaeli, who is her manager, at 16 months prison, starting next week.

The 35-year-old supermodel and her mother were found guilty in July of tax evasion offenses on an income of about 10 million dollars (more than 8 million euros).

According to a plea agreement accepted by the court, the two women were also sentenced to pay one fine of 1.5 million dollars (the equivalent of 1.3 million euros) in addition to the rest of the back taxes owed to the state.

What Bar Refaeli and his mother Zipi were accused of

Practically: the model earned about 7, 2 million dollars between 2009 and 2012, but claimed to reside abroad to avoid paying Israeli income taxes.

On the other hand, it is a period in which Bar Refaeli traveled all over the world to pose in famous campaigns and shootings.

And around the same time she had a long romantic relationship with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

From here, her has always claimed to have lived mainly in the United States in that period, and therefore of not having to declare in Israel the income earned during those years.

In fact, Israeli tax law determines residence primarily based on how long a person spends in a particular country.

Prosecutors, however, rejected his defense and accused her of providing incorrect tax information.

Refaeli's mother, in the position of manager of the model, was accused of failing to return taxes, avoiding paying taxes and helping someone else to evade tax.

And for this she was in turn sentenced to 16 months in prison.

This ruling damaged Bar Refaeli's public image, very often known and identified as an informal ambassador for the country.

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