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Changing your life (for the better) is easier than you think: here's how
Changing your life (for the better) is easier than you think: here's how

Changing your life is possible, but only by following a few rules. Try following these 10 and you will see improvements in no time

For change your life there is no need to move to Barbados and open a shack on the beach.

Often in fact what makes us want to change your life it is the amount of stress and chaos we experience in everyday life. Continuously feeling out of place; not being able to find a moment of peace in the day to relax. And not our life itself.

If you experience these sensations every day, however, and you feel you want to change your life, then what you really need is a drastic change of course.

Yes, but how? It seems difficult, but if you put consistency and dedication, life can change drastically, for the better, in much less time than you can imagine a priori.

10 rules to follow to change your life

Giappone viaggio di nozze Giappone cosa fare dolce relax di coppia alle terme gli Onsen
Giappone viaggio di nozze Giappone cosa fare dolce relax di coppia alle terme gli Onsen

1. Be comfortable with yourself

The first step to becoming happy and changing your life for the better is feel comfortable in your own skin.

Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws, but it is important that you accept yourself as you are; inside and outside. According to experts, this is the key to happiness. Because if you don't feel comfortable with yourself, this becomes your biggest worry that sticks in your mind every day.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship of all and if you fail to accept yourself, you will consume from within.

2. Understand the reason for a change

When making lifestyle changes it is always best to take the path of moderation and above all of the understanding, whatever it is.

In this regard, Marina Kirik, life coach and meditation instructor, said: Don't follow a diet just to stick to it, instead try to understand why you should eat more fruits and vegetables and incorporate them into your daily life. Or, if you start drinking more water, make sure you know what good water does for your body.

I find this approach encourages people to do changes that fit their lifestyle and feel motivated to keep up."

3. Don't hesitate to take a break (from everything and everyone)

Every day there are a thousand things that require your attention. But let's make one thing clear: you won't be able to complete anything unless you first get some peace of mind which comes from creating some space and tranquility in your life, in your relationships and in your environment.

Leadership coach Emma Dechoux said: When you work remotely, it's hard to switch off at the end of the day. But what helps in these situations is to turn off the devices and go for a walk or a run, preferably outdoors.

This allows you to decompress, reflect and return home with new energy. It is also important to be proactive about self-care and to plan at least one day off per month. '

letto donna sonno
letto donna sonno

4. Avoid analyzing everything you do

We (almost) all do it: we think too much and analyze things too much, from relationships to careers and finances.

You constantly analyze, doubt what you are doing and always dwell on something, trying to dig deeper and deeper, because somehow you believe you have been wrong. But most of the time, this excessive analysis does not give us answers, but rather a series of concerns; so why continue?

To avoid falling into this spiral all the time, we need to be more frank with people, ask for explanations if we have any doubts, take things as they come and follow our instincts.

5. Find a good sleep routine

" Sleep plays an essential role in well-being and performance - says Matt Lovell, specialist in wellness and nutrition - Make sure you follow the obvious rules: turn off the devices at least a couple of hours before going to sleep and try to do relaxing activities in the evening.

Relaxing before bed can help regulate stress hormones, so when you wake up, it will have new positive energy to use to the fullest."

6. Open mind

Having a closed mind can hurt you more than you think. To anyone why feel disappointed, rejected or not accepted; but if you do not have an open mind, which means that you are firmly convinced of your ideas and oppose others who think otherwise, then it is certain that you will feel extremely agitated and uncomfortable when confronted with people who think differently.

If, on the other hand, you are open-minded, then you will not mind listening to the different beliefs, embrace differences, and become flexible in your approach to life. You will not have to struggle with yourself to accept others, you will feel comfortable in differences and you will be more positive in the face of a change.

7. Do your best with what you have

The thing you have the most control over in your life is one: yourself and the way you approach things.

You can choose to feel sorry for yourself or you can choose to roll up your sleeves and get involved. There is hardly any guarantee in life, but to choose complacency is an almost certain death sentence.

libri da leggere consigli
libri da leggere consigli

8. Identify your priorities

Everyone has different priorities in life; be it family, career or worldly life. T. find out what makes you happy and give it priority over the rest.

Setting priorities means organizing your life, and remembering what is important to us, putting aside what matters least. Your priorities must always be in tune with your goals, which will then be like a beacon that illuminates and inspires our way.

9. It is (also) a question of culture

The most interesting people are those who take an interest in life and find out learning opportunities, with the aim of continuing to grow, both personally and professionally.

Self-education is the path that permeates the entire life of the most motivated and successful people. So be a student for life: you don't have to grow old to become wise.

10. Be positive in any situation

You will always encounter unfortunate situations in life that are beyond your control. You can choose to feel sad, annoyed, angry or stressed, or turn the situation around e focus on the positives. You can choose to get stuck in a bad situation or let yourself go, move on and start over.

Learning from a failure or a bad experience helps you never repeat the same mistake: remember that growth does not happen comfortably. Every setback and bad situation in life teaches us something.

Take these moments as an opportunity to train your mind to be stronger, more resilient and able to face any situation that life offers us.