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The most beautiful romantic TV series to watch on Netflix
The most beautiful romantic TV series to watch on Netflix

If you are an incurable romantic, here are the most beautiful romantic TV series to see on Netflix to fill up on love (updated catalog)

If romance is never enough for you, here are the romantic tv series to see on Netflix soon.

Comedies or dramas, they are perfect to see both alone and in company and on Netflix there are really many and for all tastes.

Some are stories of love, encounters and betrayals, others of pleasant adventures and misadventures, still others of sex and passion, but not only.

The extended times of television series, on the other hand, allow us to deal with situations and feelings in depth.

They do so mostly through a single story that evolves over time, but also with many short stories, united by a single theme, which follow one another from episode to episode.

In short: here are our favorite romantic TV series to watch streaming on Netflix.

The most beautiful romantic TV series to watch on Netflix


The most beautiful romantic TV series to watch on Netflix


There can't be two more different people than Gus (Paul Rust), the classic nerdy good guy, and Mickey (Gillian Jacobs), a rebel who lives life to the fullest so as not to find herself thinking about how messed up she really is.

LOVE is a romantic comedy written by Judd Apatow (Funny People, A girl disaster) that tells, through ups and downs, the romantic story between Gus and Mickey, between roommates and work, aspirations and problems.

It is among the best genre TV products you find on Netflix, don't miss it.


How I Met Your Mother

It's a nine-season serial genre cult that traces the story of how Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) met his wife.

The series begins with him talking to his son about it and then taking a dip in the past, twenty-five years earlier, when Marshall (Jason Segel), his best friend, announces that he has found in Lily (Alyson Hannigan) the love of the his life and that he wants to marry her.

This is how Ted realizes that the time has come for him too to throw himself into a romantic story.

How I Met Your Mother is a succession of romantic adventures and life with friends, in which you will only discover who Ted fell in love with.


New Girl

Zooey Deschanel is Jessica Day, the protagonist of this sitcom set in a Los Angeles loft where she finds herself living with three very special roommates: the aspiring writer Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), the precise Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and the funny Wilson (Lamorne Morris).

New Girl tells their life together, between loves, aspirations and frustrations.

It's a light comedy, with short episodes that run fast.

You will end up mesmerized.



English production, Lovesick tells the strange adventure of the romantic Dylan (Johnny Flynn).

After the doctor diagnoses him with chlamydia, the 30-year-old is forced to call back all the girls he has recently had sex with to tell them to have a checkup.

Each episode is dedicated to one of the exes he has been with and is played between the past of their romantic history and the present that Dylan shares with roommates-best friends Luke and Evie.


Love & Anarchy

Sofie is a digital strategy consultant. She is married to Johan, with whom she has two children.

Max is a computer technician with whom the woman begins a flirtation of provocations.

The pro of the series is that the chemistry between Sofie and Max is really well built.

The cons is that it tells of an already seen plot, the long-term love that requires betrayal, without particular flair.

In general, however, Love & Anarchy addresses the theme of love in a fresh and uninhibited way, also giving the viewer a series of notable secondary characters.



The series created by Joe Swanberg, one of America's most beloved indie authors, consists of mostly self-contained episodes.

Easy tells the reality of several men and women struggling with romantic relationships and sex: there is the couple who on Halloween try to revive the desire, the one in which a woman considers the idea of becoming vegan to satisfy the partner, the one in which two brothers who have an activity together have to deal with their respective wives …

The stories are many and all told without too many artifices of dialogue, location or plot.

Easy is one of the most original series streaming on the platform



Joy Richards (Toni Collette) is a psychotherapist struggling with an unexciting and engaging married life with her husband Alan (Steven Mackintosh).

In an attempt to reinvigorate their relationship, the two decide to start dating other people outside the couple, without keeping it hidden from their children.

Between prejudices, envy, family problems and common daily life, Joy and Alan embark on a series of occasional adventures.

But will it really help get them back together as they used to be?

Wanderlust is a dramedy with an ensemble cast, dominated by the always incredible Toni Collette (Little Miss Sunshine, Knives Out).



The romantic adventure told in the fourth Italian TV series by Netflix is summer and young.

Set on the Romagna Riviera, Summertime tells the stories of love and friendship of a group of very young people, at the center of which are Summer (Coco Rebecca Edogamhe) and Alessandro (Ludovico Tersigni).

The teen drama, which was announced as "freely adapted" from Federico Moccia's Tre Metri Sopra il Cielo, actually retains very little of the novel.

Summertime has protagonists who do not meet packaged standards and a setting as unusual as it is special, which makes us take a dip in the Italian comedy of the 80s.

It's a great story for kids, but one that will appeal to an older audience as well.

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