Kim Kardashian will file for divorce from Kanye West by Valentine's Day
Kim Kardashian will file for divorce from Kanye West by Valentine's Day

A source close to the couple confirms the news of the divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Kim is ready to begin the procedures

Reportedly, Kim Kardashian is preparing to file for divorce by husband Kanye West by Valentine's Day.

Rumors that Kim had ended her marriage, which lasted over six years, have been circulating for a long time now; but they took on more force last October after Kanye declared his run for the presidency, investing nearly a million dollars in the election campaign.

What happened is now history: Kanye had a nervous breakdown on stage, and his behavior became more troubling when he began making derogatory comments about his family, including his seven-year-old North West daughter.

Shortly after, a source told gossip newspapers that "Kim kept the relationship in the hope of change and for the sake of the children, but all the signs point to divorce ".

And today, divorce seems more imminent than ever

It seems in fact that Kim has already hired the lawyers and be it ready to sign documents to end his marriage by Valentine's Day.


According to new rumors reported by Us Weekly magazine, Kim is doing everything in her power to protect her four children from the drama that is going on between her and Kanye West.

Kim allegedly did her best to try to save the marriage for the sake of her children, but she simply "can't take it anymore."

An insider close to the couple told People that Kim Kardashian is ready to start divorce proceedings very soon, within a couple of weeks.

The last straw that broke the camel's back would be Kanye's behavior towards her marriage counseling sessions.

In fact, it has been reported that the 43-year-old rapper often didn't show up for counseling sessions. In reverse, Kim still made a commitment to go alone, trying (apparently in vain) to do everything possible to save the couple.

However, the source told People that by now too Kim has "completely stopped" attending therapy sessions, confirming the feeling that the divorce between her and Kanye West is now imminent.

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